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Eyelash Extensions

Best Lashes In Town

Classic Eyelash Extensions

Classic Lashes Consist of one synthetic lash to one natural lash, Covering 90% of the lashes, They can only be as full as the amount of natural lashes you have

Full Set Classics $120.00

Classic Infills 2 weeks $65.00

Classic Infills 3 weeks $75.00

Classic Infills 4 weeks $90.00

Eyelash Removal $15.00


Hybrid Full Set $150.00

Hybrid Infills 2 weeks $75.00

Hybrid Infills 3 weeks $90.00

Hybrid Infills 4 weeks $110.00

Eyelash Removal $15.00



Hybrid Lashes are a mix of Classic and Volume lashes. 50% Classic and 50% Volume. Hybrid gives the definition of Classic with the added fullness of Volumes


Volume Lashes are the Fullest Set, Fan are added to each individual lash adding 5 synthetic lashes to one natural lash. Creating a fluffy look with maximum fullness


Volume Full Set $180.00

Volume Infills 2 weeks $80.00

Volume Infills 3 weeks $100.00

Volume Infills 4 weeks $120.00

Eyelash Removal $15.00